Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding the services that Nightingale Nannies provide. For specific questions you can use our contact form or feel free to call us to get the answer in person. Each contract will start with a one-on-one session that will allow you to ask any questions you feel necessary. We are guests in your home and we take this very seriously. Your comfort is a top priority!

All of our nannies have medical or newborn care backgrounds. We are combination of nannies that are Registered nurses (RN), Licensed nurses (LPN), Patient care assistants (PCA), Registered/Certified medical assistants (RMA/CMA), Social Workers, Licensed childcare providers, nursing students and early child education students. We hold up to date BLS/CPR certificates and attend continual education classes and seminars on maternity, newborn, and pediatric care.
During the consultation, we come to your home to speak with you and your family, face to face. The consultant informs you of all the services offered and prices. The consultant gathers information about your family, household, needs, and wants. With the information she has collected, we create a contract for you with the services, days, and times you desire. We email the contract to you. If you agree to the contract days and terms you sign it. No pressure!!

At Nightingale Nannies, we work with the family needs and desires. Night Nannies are usually used 2-3 days a week but this can be extended. Schedule at you own leisure. Pay only for the service you receive. Call or email us to schedule.

Our night nannies prices are based on a flat rate from 830pm-600am. We follow the families nightly routines (bathing and feedings) and we wash bottles so that the family can be ready for the next morning.

Our day nannies are also scheduled as needed. We often work with families who have complex schedules,that daycares can not accommodate. We offer in-home services with or without concierge services.
Yes – All of our candidates are given a complete background check and are personally vetted by our core team to ensure each person is more then qualified to take care of your most precious things.
Yes – All of our nannies are certified in basic life training techniques such as first aid training and CPR.
Our service ranges from $15 dollars per hour to $25 dollars per hour. All hourly rates are based on individual needs and circumstances.